3DC Platform

3D City team’s mission is to build a system where creators will be able to craft, play, share, and trade without central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn 3DC. 3D City team believes these innovations are important, for while the current market for voxel-based creation games already has 500,000,000 Creators and 160,000,000 MAUs, it suffers from four key problems that could hinder future growth if not addressed:
-The centralization of user-generated content in dominant titles such as Minecraft and Roblox limits creator rights and ownership;
-Central control over the trading of virtual goods created by players restricts players from generating fair value for their creations, limiting what they can or cannot sell and/or taking a significant portion of the sales revenue;
-Given the nature of voxel art, it can be difficult to prove creative ownership of works, especially as content is copied, altered and built upon; and
-Existing game marketplaces are based on fiat currencies, which do not support true microtransactions and are vulnerable to credit card fraud that can unbalance in-game economies.