LAND and the LANDS Map

3DC's are blockchain-backed virtual tokens (using the BRC-20 standard for NFTs) representing physical parcels of 3D City Metaverse. They allow players to own a portion of the Metaverse and thus be able to host content (ASSETS and GAMES). 3D City Metaverse is based on a map of 7 LANDS for now (408*408). LANDS are physical spaces in the Metaverse owned by players to create and monetize Games. LANDS are used to publish your game and can be rented to game creators. Every LAND comes with a set of prebuilt terrains, but it can be terraformed and modified by the USER who owns it (or other PLAYERS they invite to work on it). In the future, players will be able to combine LANDS together to form ESTATES In the future, ESTATES will have the potential to be owned by multiple players to form DISTRICTS.