What's the next move?

We have a strong product roadmap ahead and a good team to execute a strong vision to build a unique virtual world gaming platform where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences and spread the power of blockchain as the lead technology in the gaming industry. All these together with what we will achieve in the future will result in 3DC being awarded a recognition as the most expected blockchain game in 2022...hopefully.
In the short term, we are launching the first 3DC presale and Game Maker. This will be complemented with the 3DC public launch. As such, we expect to have 3DC available for individuals and corporations in order to increase liquidity and availability of it with the main purpose to collaborate with the community growth and ecosystem flow. In relation to the proposed 3DC offering, the community of creators and players will need to get access to 3DC. We plan to make it accessible to the community through multiple ways with controllable supply mechanisms, such as purchasing 3DC from multiple exchanges. As the community increases in terms of the number of creators, players and ASSETS exchanged in the marketplace, there might be an increased need for 3DC and $YPC within the ecosystem. Therefore, while the total supply of 3DC is fixed, the initial amount of 3DC offered will provide a scarcity effect reducing the 3DC available per capita and therefore fostering demand.